Keith Sims

Keith Sims

Keith Sims is the ultimate 640 Sports Miami Dolphins insider.

The Miami Dolphins drafted Sims in 1990 and immediately put him to work protecting Dan Marino.

Keith Sims and Richmond Webb became the first Dolphins rookies to start on offense on Opening Day in Dolphins history.

Sims went on to earn all‐rookie honors in his first season as a Miami Dolphin. For eight consecutive seasons Keith Sims started for the Dolphins with 1993‐95 being Pro‐Bowl years. Sims appeared in 5 playoff games and the 1992 AFC Championship game, where the Dolphins fell one game short of making it to the Super Bowl.

Keith is a member of the Miami Dolphins Gameday broadcast crew.

Keith Sims is one of the few football players in the IOWA State Hall of Fame. From his first game in 1985 to the final game of his senior year, Sims started every game for IOWA State.