Marc Eisenberg

Marc "Eisy" EisenbergMarc “Eisy” Eisenberg was born in some weird town known as New Castle, Del. Who the hell comes from Delaware? But, he did grow up on the mean streets of Bridgeton, N.J. Yeah, like anyone knows where that is.  In any event, he was spoiled rotten as a kid and nothing has changed.  He popped into radio way back in 1999, working on the Hank Goldberg Show. After that stellar performance, he was given his own show with his former partner Joe Castello.

Now, these two were so good they got buried in the middle of the night from 2 to 5 a.m. on the legendary Joe and Marc Show. Well, after a two-year run, that blew up.  So he ventured to the minor leagues for a bit and did some odd jobs here and there. His best was being a dishwasher in a Chinese buffet.  How someone can get fired from scrubbing some Moo Goo Gai Pan or Sum Dum Chik off a plate is amazing to us, but we’re glad he did it! Because now he’s here where he belongs at 640 Sports.

But, just who is Marc? Well, he is an avid fan of all Philadelphia professional teams and Penn State Football (when he’s not taking orders from his wife and three kids!) How he has time to watch anything other than “Dora the Explorer” or “Sponge Bob” is beyond Us.