Andy Slater 12n -3p

Andy Slater 12n-3pAs a young man, Andy Slater spent 4 years working in the Florida Marlins visitors clubhouse. This gave Andy the chance to meet players, build relationships, and get the feel of a Major League Baseball locker room. Andy also worked for Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders organization. At an early age, Andy Slater went where the rest of media could not go…deep inside. Slater had the unique opportunity of being a tech who prepared the breakdown of NFL game film and presented it to players and coaches during their meetings.

Today, Andy’s background helps him gain access to players, coaches, and managers that leaves other sports talk hosts in the dust. Slater’s contacts make his show a high energy presentation for daytime sports talk listeners of all ages.

Andy’s constant use of Social Media has helped The Andy Slater Show stay in the local and national spotlight.